Over 60 years of bringing health and happiness
1954 г.

Founded as Nippon Zeola Co., Ltd. in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, and developed Zeola toothpaste with zeolite, a tartar-prevention agent.

1957 г.

Launched Zettoc’s first brand,
Namban, a beauty cream.

1964 г.

Technical partnership with Mennen of
the United States (presently Colgate-Palmolive)
to develop skincare products for men and babies.

1967 г.

Technical partnership with Taisho Pharmaceutical to develop Eagle, a medicated toothpaste with vitamin E.

1968 г.

Head office relocated to Marunouchi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and plant relocated
to Fuchinobe, Sagamihara, Kanagawa. 

1969 г.

Developed Bath Charmin, a liquid medicated bath agent, for Wakamoto Pharmaceutical.

1974 г.

Technical partnership with Zenyaku Kogyo
to develop the first functional toothpaste in Japan
with lysozyme chloride (patented), and develop
the anti-inflammation enzyme toothpaste DenCure.

1977 г.

Technical partnership with Pigeon to develop a series of skincare products for babies, expanding our production to include baby products..

1978 г.

Developed RomoCoat, a mild, low-acidity amino acid-based cream soap, for Zenyaku Kogyo. Provided technical guidance on toothpastes to Horen Industrial of Taiwan.


1986 г.

Developed foam-type body soap AwaFresh for Sanyo Scott.


1990 г.

Company name changed to
Nippon Zettoc Co., Ltd., and head office
relocated to Kudan, Chiyoda-ku,


After 15 years of clinical testing, received approval from
the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council of the Ministry of Health,
Labor and Welfare for medicated hydroxyapatite,
developed jointly with Sangi. Apagard M toothpaste,
featuring this new effective ingredient,
is widely recognized in the market.


1995 г.

Production of toothpastes increased after success of Apagard M, with production lines expanded and fully automated.



Launched Zettoc’s own brand, a new line of Pommier skincare products, used our method of the proprietary emulsion manufacturing. Developed Dentwell non-aqueous toothpaste with vitamin C, the first of its type in the world, for Taisho Pharmaceutical, and began production.

2004 г.

Certified under the ISO9001:2000 quality management system (later transitioned to ISO9001:2008).



Launched our own brand, MediCial, a series of skincare products with vitamin C. Developed AvanBeads toothpaste with lactobacillus, the first of its kind in Japan, for Wakamoto Pharmaceutical

2008 г.

Plant relocated to Oyama cho, Midori-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa.



Opened Shanghai Sales Office, our first overseas office.

2012 г.

Established Zettoc Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. as a local subsidiary.
Opened Osaka Office in Azuchi-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.


Certified under the Eco Action 21 environmental management standard. 

2014 г.

Our second factory constructed in
Sagamihara for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Licensed for pharmaceutical manufacturing
and sales. Head office relocated to Shinjuku
Nomura Building, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.


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